21st century feminism

Saturday, 6 March 2010

Studying Gender

Friday 12th March is Cambridge University's Annual Gender Symposium put on by their Centre for Gender Studies.  This year it is entitled, Gender and Scales of Empowerment: subjectivities, connections and belongings. This would definitely be worth a trip for anyone engaged in formal study of gender or feminism. And, even better, it's a free event, just sign up through the link.  


  1. Love the idea (although I'm not sure I could make that date), but there's no access information on the site (that I can see). So I've no idea if I could get in. That's often the case with academic conferences, and it annoys me!

    But thanks for the link :) Very interesting-looking. Another year I'll look into going.

  2. I have no idea of their policies Naomi, but, like you say, they don't mention it. However, I think the venue is only 11 months old, so I expect it would be up to date with accessibility requirements.

    It's a really good event, last year was particularly great as it was the retirement symposium for Professor Juliet Mitchell.

  3. It's good that the venue is new (although that doesn't always mean physically accessible). But access is about much more than just buildings. I've been at conferences with quiet rooms, access to BSL translators, stated welcome and support for those with various kinds of learning difficulties, rest breaks, good layouts of conference rooms, etc etc. And I've been at conferences with none of that.

    Academia, basically, needs to become more accessible, at all stages of such things as conferences. I can't sign up for conferences if I don't know what their complete access policies and procedures are like.

    But it does sound good otherwise!