21st century feminism

Friday, 26 March 2010

And if you look to your right...

I've just had a link fest. I'm worn out, my eyes have gone a bit crossed and my brain has reached feminist/gender saturation. Anyway, I've started a couple of new link lists. As well as the usual interesting blogs and feminist links, there is now Fancy Studying? and Feminism in Academia. 

The former is pretty self explanatory, it's a list of some of the creme-de-la-creme of British courses in gender and feminism. The Feminism in Academia section may well leave you feeling like I've served you a cardboard sandwich with sawdust filling. Hang in there. Mostly the list is academic journals with a feminist/gender specialism, which have some fascinating articles. Some of them require subscriptions, but most that do have a free sample issue which can while away a rainy sunday afternoon. If you are registered at a University, check with the library provision (Athens and all that stuff), you may well be able to access some for free. If you're a hardcore feminist academic, perhaps you have most of them in your downstairs loo already, for guests to browse, as I do, obviously.    


  1. Very useful stuff! Glad to see the Leeds centre on the list - they do great work.

  2. Thanks Naomi. It's a work in progress, so hopefully I'll be adding to it as we go along. Feel free to make any suggestions!