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Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Election 2010: Sit back and enjoy the videos...

Over at Cruella Blog I found a couple of interesting perspectives on the Tory Party...

This is one masterminded by Kate Smurthwaite herself:

And this is one that just needs to be shared...


  1. I saw that comedy sketch that Kate did on her blog - did you know that someone reported it as being abusive and that facebook took it down? Amazing when you consider the misogynist crap they're perfectly happy to leave up there.

    I came over to say thank you for reading my post and taking the time to leave a comment initially, but I really like what you're doing with your own blog. Your 'about' picture is brilliant! I shall be back soon. x

  2. Hi Gappy
    That's shocking. FB has a truly awful array of groups/users with real offensive/disturbing content. I once tried to get photos of children lying on railway lines taken down, (2 had died on lines in our town) but not even the railway safety people could make them. Shocking. As for misogynistic content, well, don't get me started...

    Thanks for dropping by. It's great to hear you like the blog. I love that picture. Sometimes I just look at it to make myself feel better. That's when I know I'm having a bad day! :-D