21st century feminism

Saturday, 24 April 2010

company magazine

Holly Combe over at the F Word writes a few more reflections on Company Magazine's engagement with contemporary feminism. Apparently they have now taken down the quiz because of criticism on twitter. 

After a bit of poking round on the internet I found out that the quiz was originally in Ellie Levenson's book The Noughtie Girl's Guide to Feminism. She talks about the situation on her blog here. And reposts her quiz here. I've not read Levenson's book, but from a read through the comments on amazon, I'm not sure I'd enjoy it. 


  1. I've read the book and found it too pink and fluffy for my taste - my review is on amazon.co.uk under the name of Damaskcat. The section on rape really put me off as it suggested that all women ought to lighten up and not take it so seriously.

  2. I've still not read it, but hearing what you say makes me want to even less. I'm not sure how you can give a feminist perspective and suggest that women need to lighten up about rape? Although, having said that, I don't think I can really comment "properly" until I have read it.